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The Adaptive Security and Privacy (ASAP) research programme aims to radically re-conceptualise software engineering for ubiquitous computing in ways that are cognisant of the changing needs of users, of the changing threats to user assets, and of the changing relationships between them. We propose to deliver adaptive software capabilities for supporting users in managing their privacy requirements, and adaptive software capabilities to deliver secure software that underpin those requirements.

The research was supported by a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant, a Royal Society Wolfson-Merit Award, and complemented by related projects supported by the UK Engineering and Physical Research Council (EPSRC), Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF), Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), and a range of industrial partners, including Microsoft Research (MSR), United Technologies Research Centre (UTRC), and IBM Software Labs.

The ASAP project formally ended in November 2018, but the research programme continues in a variety of exciting new projects hosted by the Software Engineering & Design (SEAD) Research Group at The Open University and the SPARE Group at Lero.

Some related projects include Privacy Dynamics, Monetize Me, AIS,STRETCH, and Citizen Forensics.

We continue to explore commercialisation opportunities arising from the ASAP project, initiated by a further ERC 'Proof of Concept' Grant on Asset-Centric Adpative Protection (ACAP).